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Sherwood Custom Cabinet Doors by Sherwood Industries

Custom cabinet doors by Sherwood Industries are sold exclusively by HGH Hardware Supply.

Cabinet Door Designs

Choose from a variety of basic styles and customize your doors by adding arch and panel options, applied moldings, decorative edges, and more. Our custom cabinet doors can easily match new installations with existing cabinets. Let us help to create beautiful new cabinets, entertainment centers, and more. Our designs are available in raised panel, plywood or MDF panel, frame only, double arch, and drawer fronts, in wood or MDF. All of these designs can be fully customized to your specifications.

Ordering & Policies

We take door orders by fax or email through HGH Hardware Supply. You can order multiple door designs on each order and multiple doors of each design. (For your first order, please call us at 1-800-277-8888 and set up an account). Cancellation or changes of orders must be approved by an authorized representative of HGH Hardware Supply or Sherwood Industries and cannot generally be changed or canceled once processed into production. Unless you have an open credit line with us, you must put down a deposit to place a custom door order. For an order under $500, the deposit amount is 100% of your cost; for door orders over $500, the deposit amount is 50% of your cost. If you would like to work with us on a no-deposit basis, please fill out either the Credit Application or the No Deposit Form.


Cabinet doors may be (1) picked up at HGH Hardware Supply in Arab, Alabama, or at HGH Hardware Supply in Birmingham, Atlanta, or Nashville; (2) shipped via our truck, which delivers to the Birmingham/Atlanta/Nashville metropolitan areas; or (3) shipped via common carrier. Custom door orders are prepaid at $750 if shipped to Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, and the Florida panhandle. For all others, please contact an HGH Hardware Supply sales representative.

Sherwood shipments are wrapped in GREEN shrink wrap. If your package arrives wrapped in a different colored shrink wrap, this indicates that it was repacked after it left Sherwood. Please take the time to inspect your shipment for damage and report it to the carrier immediately. 

Sherwood Door Order Form

Sherwood requires that our customers use our Excel order form or our printable PDF order form when placing an order. This will ensure timely and accurate handling of your order with a minimum of misunderstandings and possible errors. Please keep door forms handy so you can reproduce them when needed. You may also contact an HGH Hardware Supply sales representative at 1-800-277-8888 to receive an order form pad.

Warranty & Replacement Policy

Sherwood Industries warrants its standard products for one year from ship date against defects and faulty workmanship and covers replacement of products that are found to be defective in consideration of our specifications and limitations. We cannot be held responsible for delays or problems beyond our control, such as transportation problems, natural disasters, labor disputes, power shortages, or lack of material supply. Liability is limited to net invoice price for the items warranted, and no other warranties are expressed or implied.

Please inspect your shipment immediately upon receipt to ensure it has not been damaged in transit. Shipping damages must be reported to the carrier at the time of delivery. Call your sales representative within seven (7) days to report visible defective materials or labor, damages or shortages, or other discrepancies. We may, at our discretion, require inspection by a representative and/or the return of defective materials to our plant. If a return is requested, we ask that you repackage the product per the shipper's requirements. We will arrange to have the materials returned to us from your shop. Sherwood will make every effort to minimize disruption to your business and will replace products that have been determined to be defective as quickly as possible.

  • Doors less than 24" in width and 42" in length are warranted against warpage of more than 1/8" in consideration of limitations stated herein. Flat panel (1/4" thick panel) doors, slab doors, frame only, and mullion doors are not warranted for warpage.
  • Any requested change in our normal construction methods is not covered (e.g., reduced thickness of components, exceeding minimum/maximum sizes, etc.).
  • Damages due to shipping must be reported to the carrier immediately. Shortage claims, size discrepancies, damage, or defects must be reported within seven days. 
  • Doors are warranted to be plus or minus 1/16" from ordered size unless ordered "exact size," which requires an upcharge. Exact-size doors are warranted to be no larger than the ordered size but may be up to 1/16" smaller. Wall panels, barbacks, and end or multi-panel product larger than 24" x 42" are warranted to be within +/- 1/8".
  • All warranty claims must be approved by an authorized Sherwood representative prior to applying finish or taking corrective action.
  • Our products are finish sanded to 180 grit. The customer must final sand the product to ensure it will meet finish requirements. It is the responsibility of the customer to be informed on wood-finishing techniques to achieve the desired results. Our warranty does not cover improperly applied finishes or unacceptable results from same.
  • Warranty covers replacement of product only. It typically does not cover shop time, labor, removal of product, or any damage resulting from improper handling, alteration, storage, or application of hardware or mountings.
  • We are not responsible for damage caused by our customer or the end consumer, including excessive distressing or chemical treatments.
  • We recommend a corresponding number of finish coats on both sides. Product should be finished as soon as practical to minimize warpage and other associated problems.
  • Product should not be stored in high- or low-humidity areas, especially in an unfinished state, or exposed to the elements, including water, extreme heat, cold, or direct sunlight.
  • Normal expansion and contraction of wood and resulting variations are not covered (e.g., minor variations at joints, sunken or raised glue lines resulting from moisture changes in highly vulnerable species).
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