Warm Up Your Kitchen with Butcher Block

Posted on Wednesday Aug 08, 2018 at 04:19PM in General

With materials like marble, quartz, and granite being sought-after choices for countertops, butcher block is still a favored option many homeowners choose for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Whether it’s paired with another material or installed on its own, butcher block adds a warm and inviting element to any kitchen. Butcher block is also not as high maintenance as you may think and makes a great option if you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting surface. 

Wood Types

Butcher block is available in various wood types you can select to complement your cabinetry, with a few being maple, red oak, cherry, and black walnut. Maple is one of the more popular wood species and very durable, so it’s perfect for kitchen countertops. Michigan Maple Block has additional information on wood species types on their website. Butcher block can also be constructed in several ways including edge grain, face grain, and end grain.

Custom Options

Pre-cut butcher block is available for purchase online, but you can special order an exact size and thickness for your island or countertops. Michigan Maple Butcher Block can be ordered in custom shapes and sizes, which is recommended when you need to accommodate a sink or want a space cut out for a trash bin. If you purchase a standard size or shape and cut it yourself, you may void the manufacturer’s warranty, so be sure to check their policy beforehand.

The edge of the butcher block is also customizable. A square edge is usually the standard, but Michigan Maple Block offers other shapes and allows customers to special order their own as well. Additionally, Michigan Maple Block offers a butcher block backsplash you may install to break up the regular backsplash from the butcher block countertop. 


Butcher block is common in farmhouse style kitchens, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from it if you have a modern kitchen. This is a material that works well with essentially every style from traditional, industrial, to modern, along with different cabinet colors. 

Butcher block can be incorporated in a kitchen in a variety of ways. We’ve seen butcher block installed in a small area of the countertop that’s specifically for cutting and preparing food. Some homeowners choose countertops with a different material and go with a butcher block island that’s the statement piece of the kitchen, or vice versa. 


Butcher block needs to be properly sealed. As far as maintenance, we recommend Emmet’s Good Stuff  to keep the wood nourished. The maintenance of butcher block is dependent on how it has been finished.