Updating Your Home without a Remodel

Posted on Thursday Aug 31, 2017 at 09:04AM in Tips

It doesn’t take an unlimited budget and a complete remodel to update your home. You can do smaller projects both inside and outside your house that will have a big impact without costing you a huge chunk of change.

Top Knobs Dakota pull
Top Knobs Dakota Cup Pull
Update hardware
When we say hardware, we mean everything from your kitchen cabinet pulls to your toilet paper holders. Your hardware can give away your home’s age. Updating the hardware can start in your kitchen, but you can also update the hardware on your appliances, cabinets, and, if you really want to get crazy, even your wall outlets.

Freshen up with a coat of paint
A new color can completely change the look of a space for a reasonable price. With that said, if you decide to take on this task without the help of a professional, make sure you know how to prep properly and purchase the right coating for the job. All finishes are not created equal, and there isn’t a universal paint that will work on every surface. Make sure you do your research (and prep work!) before you start. And if you’re painting something that requires a lacquer coating (i.e., kitchen cabinets), call in a professional.

New lighting
Light fixtures serve the dual purpose of brightening up spaces and acting as decorative pieces. Just changing the bulbs alone and switching your current lighting to LED can make a difference and comes with many benefits (including energy savings). Areas in your home you might not have considered installing lighting include underneath your cabinets and inside your shelves or drawers. Maybe your front yard looks a little too dark at night - add some better lighting by the door so guests don’t miss a step.

Tidy up with a Rev-a-Shelf pantry unit
Rev-A-Shelf Pullout Pantry
Accent wall
Creating an accent wall is an easy way to spruce up or add texture to a room. You have several ways to go - wallpaper (that’s easy to hang and peel off), faux wood, a concrete look, or even a stone wall if you want to get creative.

Bring in new decor
It’s great to be alive in the age of discount home stores and online shopping, which make it easy to find more than enough accessories for your home. Add trendy decor, artwork, new throw pillows, or a rug to tie the room together.

Upgrade your window treatments
Is your house still rocking curtains from the nineties? New window treatments may be just what you (and your room) need, and the options are endless. This is where finding a knowledgeable decorator can really come in handy. They’ll bring ideas and samples to you, measure your windows, and deliver the finished product.

Tidy up
An organized space is automatically more appealing than one that's cluttered. Storage units give a cleaner look and make it easier to keep everything in its own place. You can add storage units to any room in your home from the kitchen to your closet. Go beyond plastic containers and invest in long-lasting storage.


Outline your space
Crown molding can cost a pretty penny if installed professionally but is well worth it, especially if it’s the one update you choose to invest in. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire someone for the job, crown molding that’s been installed well makes a space look so much more put together than a room with bare walls.