Renovations on wheels – remaking the Airstream travel trailer

Posted on Wednesday Feb 08, 2017 at 02:09PM in General

Driving past Silverliner Custom Airstream Travel Trailers in Birmingham, Alabama, you would never guess the history hidden behind their doors. The craftsmen here are transforming Airstream travel trailers dating back to the 1930s into bespoke homes, food trucks, and so much more.


Though the team enjoys working on 1960s Airstreams the most, particularly models from 1960–1963, the oldest one you’ll find here dates back to 1939 (Airstream inventor Wally Byam built his first trailer in 1929 and started his company in 1931).  You may also see a 1953 Flying Cloud with the Airstream number 0002.


It takes the Silverliner team four to six months to transform an old Airstream into something spectacular. As the business grows, they hope to reduce the production time to two to three months. If you’re an RV fan, the Airstream is not just stylish, it’s also one of the most environmentally friendly ways you can go, especially if you want to get off the grid. With the use of gas generators and even incinerating toilets, it’s easy to live without an electrical hook-up.


Airstream trailers can be simple, or you can kit them out with all the modern conveniences, including gourmet kitchens on a micro-scale. You can find examples of Silverliner's work in Gulf Shores, Alabama, three months out of the year, in the form of three food trucks and a bar. They have also been working on a food and beer Airstream that’s soon to be unveiled at a popular Birmingham landmark.  


The Silverliner team finds much of what they need to re-create their Airstreams here at HGH Hardware Supply. They're fans of Sugatsune’s pulls and latches, which are available in stainless steel for use in RVs, boats, and other outdoor applications. And they're looking forward to incorporating Element Design’s Euro-style products into future upscale Airstream projects.


You can visit Silverliner's official website here and learn more about Airstream here.


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