Outdoor Kitchen Design Checklist

Posted on Monday Mar 26, 2018 at 04:33PM in General

Have you always dreamed of having an outdoor kitchen? With the warmer months approaching, it’s the perfect time to begin designing.

Photo courtesy of Precision Homecrafters

Many homeowners choose to emulate their interiors when designing their outdoor kitchen/living spaces. Although you may want your outdoor space to reflect the style of your home, it’s important to make sure that the materials used in the outdoor kitchen will be able to withstand all weather conditions and last.

  1. Cabinetry 
    Outdoor kitchen cabinetry has to be durable, so think stainless steel, outdoor-friendly wood (teak, bamboo, etc.), or polymer. The type of polymer generally used in outdoor kitchens is considered to be a plastic and resembles the look of wood. It’s not an eco-friendly option but is durable and doesn’t require much maintenance.

  2. Hardware
    304 grade stainless steel is recommended for outdoor hardware because it’s heavy duty and corrosion resistant. Brands such as Knape & Vogt and Sugatsune sell hardware made with 304 grade stainless steel, including slides, hinges, and pulls. Sugatsune and Knape & Vogt offer high-quality, durable drawer slides suited for outdoor conditions. Both manufacturers also offer cabinet knobs and pulls, as well.

  3. Appliances
    Outdoor kitchen necessities include a grill or sideburners (for obvious reasons), a sink, refrigerator, and even a dishwasher, if you don’t want to tote dirty dishes back inside. Usually, homeowners choose refrigerators small enough to fit under the counter for their outdoor kitchens. As with hardware, opting for heavy-duty stainless steel appliances will ensure that they last. The appliances you choose can depend on whether you are designing a second kitchen where you’ll be spending a lot of time or just a space to grill out occasionally. It may not be worth the expense to design a full-on kitchen if you don’t plan to use it regularly.

  4. Storage
    You’ll need storage in your outdoor kitchen to house your essential cooking tools. You can add some of the same storage that you have in your home’s kitchen, including organization products and pull-out trash cans.

With an outdoor kitchen, you can go as simple or as intricate as you want. Making sure you choose the proper materials and hardware will guarantee you have a space that will last you for years.