Is Your Sander’s Backup Pad Clean? It Makes a Difference!

Posted on Friday Sep 07, 2018 at 09:28AM in General

A defective or worn-out part on your sander can compromise your sanding results. You know to replace your sandpaper, but it’s also essential to replace the backup pad regularly. Backup pads  adhere to sandpaper and hold the sanding disk and, as a result, wear out after multiple uses. 

If a backup pad is damaged or worn out, rough-textured areas can poke through the abrasive and scratch the surface you’re working on. It’s important to check your backup pad after every use to make sure it’s undamaged. Hook-and-loop backup pads can also pick up debris that can alter the sanding results. If you use hook-and-loop backup pads, we suggest placing a protector pad  between the backup pad and the sandpaper to lessen the damage to the backup pad. Checking the condition of the protector pad and replacing it frequently is less expensive than replacing a backup pad. 

Maintaining your equipment plays an important role in producing quality work. The healthier your backup pad, the nicer the finish quality.