Installing a Barn Door? Here’s What to Consider.

Posted on Wednesday Sep 20, 2017 at 02:42PM in Installation Guides

Installing a Barn Door? Here’s What to Consider.

Homeowners all over are embracing the classic farmhouse-style interior. If you’re designing your home with a farmhouse theme in mind, it won’t be complete without a sliding barn door. And you don’t have to go full-on farmhouse to enjoy an accent door. Barn doors work well in industrial or contemporary homes and come in a variety of materials.

Consider these questions before installing a barn door in your home:

  • Do you have enough space? The size of your door alone doesn’t provide you with sufficient space - you’ll need enough room on both sides of the door as well as at the top. Knape & Vogt suggests having wall space on one side of your opening that is at least the width of the door for a single door and having wall space the width of an individual door on each side of the doorway if you’re mounting double doors.

  • How much wall area will you be losing? Barn doors are widely considered to be space savers but can cause you to lose space in a different way. Think about how much wall space you’re willing to devote to a sliding barn door. You won’t have access to outlets that are on the wall where the barn door will be when it’s open, and you may need to take down any artwork that could be hit or block the door from closing.

  • Is your hardware sturdy enough to support your door? While you can get the barn door look with a lighter-weight door, actual barn doors are really heavy. You’ll want to be sure that the hardware you purchase is right for your chosen door. Different manufacturers offer different grades of barn door hardware.  

  • Does your rail require a special wall mount? You may not want to install the rail and barn door directly onto the wall. A mounting board may allow you additional stability and offset the door from the wall.


The installation process can vary depending on the manufacturer of your barn door. You’ll find different information on every barn door hardware website. Your best bet for finding installation instructions specific to your door is to see what the manufacturer of your barn door recommends. You may have purchased a barn door hardware kit, which should include easy-to-follow instructions and clearly labeled parts. On the other hand, you may have purchased individual parts and need more instruction. Most manufacturers’ websites offer installation resources.


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If you’re ever in doubt about barn door installation or don’t want to take on the project yourself, hiring a professional is always a safe way to go!