How to Choose Cabinet Hardware

Posted on Tuesday Oct 10, 2017 at 04:48PM in Tips

How to Choose Cabinet Hardware

Many homeowners find choosing cabinet hardware overwhelming. There are just too many options available! Deciding on the perfect cabinet hardware - something you can live with and love for years to come - takes a little planning. You have to consider the type of decorative hardware you’re looking for (cabinet knobs or pulls, appliance handles, etc.), the style (classic, rustic, transitional, contemporary, eclectic), and the finish (satin, polished, brushed, and oil rubbed are some of the basics). And you have to determine your budget (it’s better to invest in a high-quality product now than have to spend more to replace hardware later).

Hardware color choices go beyond (way beyond) the popular brushed satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze. The options are nearly endless. And finish names can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some of the basics include...

HGH Select 7057-AC

Liberty P15444C-175-C
Amerock BP4235-G9
Belwith P2173-BI

Silver tones:




Gold tones:



Bronze-to-black tones:




Mixing and matching hardware finishes 

Homeowners may be hesitant to mix and match different hardware finishes, but it can be done to great effect. For example, gold tones can complement darker tones beautifully. We don’t recommend using more than two different finishes, though - that can make your space look unplanned and haphazard.

Choosing a hardware finish for your cabinet color

Many interior designers suggest silver-toned hardware for darker wood, as it creates a nice contrast. If you put a dark knob or pull on a dark wood, you may lose impact -- although that can be a distinct look in itself, with the right design. While truly shiny brassy hardware has probably seen its day, the new, more subtle “champagne” (aka brushed brass) color can pull a room together nicely. We see gold-toned hardware paired with white cabinets, but it also looks nice with grey or black.

If you can, take a door or sample board with you to look at hardware in person, so you can see how different designs and finishes will look on your cabinets.

What to keep in mind

Are you looking for a finish that’s super durable?
Look at the better brands. Most higher-quality manufacturers offer warranties. Amerock products are protected with their Guardian Lifetime Guarantee, which replaces tarnished hardware.
Do you want something classic that won’t go out of style?
Choosing timeless hardware ensures that your kitchen will be up-to-date regardless of what’s on trend at the moment.
What style do you want your house to be?
The finish you choose sets the tone for the style of your home. Is your house on the sleek and modern side or more cozy and rustic? You’ll find something to suit any taste. 

Make sure the finish you choose for your decorative hardware doesn’t clash with any exposed functional hardware, such as hinges. You should also be aware of the other finishes in the room to ensure everything is relatively cohesive. With that said, different finishes can complement each other well.

Don’t go blindly into cabinet hardware selection - know what materials and finishes you’re looking for or talk with a professional about your desired style. The best way to get a look you’ll love is to find pictures for inspiration and try to match the finish. You can look through magazines or visit Pinterest to get inspiration from others. We recommend that you purchase all of your hardware for one room at the same time, as finishes can vary, even from the same manufacturer.

Ultimately, the type of cabinet hardware you choose is a matter of preference. If you have a vision of how you want your space look, asking for guidance from a professional may be the best way to make it happen.