Hacking with Bumpers

Posted on Tuesday Feb 28, 2017 at 02:42PM in General

You know those unobtrusive little round discs hanging out inside your drawers and cabinet doors, keeping them from going bump in the night? Ever wonder what they’re called?

Yep! You guessed it, BUMPERS! But, these quiet little over-achievers are now pulling extra duty throughout the house. Let's take a little journey and see if we can spot a few.

1. Taming the unruly picture gallery

Ever run into to this little dilemma? No matter how many times you straighten them, the pictures in you gallery seem to have a mind of their own and slide out of alignment? A couple bumpers on the bottom two corners take the slide right out of them. And, presto! Your gallery is now, and will remain, picture perfect.

2. Protecting the fine finish

Does your daddy's antique toy train stay boxed up in the attic because you fear it may derail the finish on your granny's sideboard? Bumpers make the perfect removable cushion to keep your antiques on track.

3. Sizing down the too-large over-the-door hook

Or what about that big bully hook that's been beating up your closet door? A trio of bumpers will quickly put that bully in its place.

These are just a few examples of the extra duties bumpers could be doing in your home – so grab a sheet and start hacking.