Discover the Amish craftsman’s secret – Ohio Certified Stains

Posted on Wednesday Jan 11, 2017 at 09:47AM in General

For the better part of a century, decorators and homeowners alike have valued Amish craftsmanship for its quality and attention to detail. Since they often shop around to curate their collection, there was a need for the pieces to match: chairs from one Amish craftsman, for example, need to match a table from another.

To that end, the Amish Woodworkers in Holmes County Ohio came together to form the Ohio Certified Stain Committee, which set a standard for the colors of stain they would use. These Ohio Certified Stains (OCS) have been adopted throughout the Amish Community and now by other woodworkers across the country.

Paint manufacturers that want to match these colors and maintain certification must meet the exacting standards of the Ohio Certified Stain Committee by submitting samples for approval twice a year. Several high-end paint companies around the country offer Ohio Certified stains. HGH Hardware Supply is proud to carry Ohio Certified Stains by Valspar

These may vary slightly from the color presented on your screen, and slight variations may occur due to irregularities in the wood, but the color will be consistent from batch to batch, so you never need worry about your furniture or cabinets matching from one build to the next.

For a printed copy of the color standards palette, call your HGH sales rep today or call or email our sales team: 1-800-277-8888 | sales@hghardware.com.