Creative Alternatives Your Cabinet Clients Will Love

Posted on Tuesday Jul 31, 2018 at 10:45AM in General




You may have clients who ask for wooden cabinetry for their kitchens but would like them to have a bit more flair than traditional cabinets. Cabinet door inserts are a good way to give your clients a kitchen that is uniquely theirs -- and differentiate your work from others.

Wooden Cabinet Door Designs

Some homeowners don’t want to stray from wooden cabinets but are still looking for a way to set their kitchen apart. Circle trim and beadboard are both elegant ways to add detail without going overboard. 

Cabinet Door Inserts


A common choice for cabinet door inserts is glass, which might be clear, colored, or textured. Glass is ideal if your homeowners want to showcase dishes or decorative pieces (and if they keep their cabinets tidy). Cabinet doors with glass inserts are popular, but we’ve also seen glass on two or more sides of the cabinet, when the cabinets serve as a wall between the kitchen and another space. A benefit to glass doors is that they give the kitchen a more open feeling. 

“Chicken Wire”

Decorative wire may be used as an accent for a few kitchen cabinets rather than on every single cabinet door. Decorative wire doesn’t expose items as much as glass does but doesn’t completely hide them, either. One of the most popular styles of decorative wire is chicken wire, which has a rustic look. But many other styles are available, which means there’s something for every space, whether country chic or contemporary. Decorative wire also comes in different finishes, so it can be matched with the finish of fixtures and hardware. This option is great not only in the kitchen but in other rooms with cabinetry, such as a living room with built-ins.


Although not seen as often in kitchens anymore, fabric can be used as a cabinet insert. An internet search may scare you away from this idea, but we’ve seen designers pull it off very well. One of our customers, Diane of Diane Burnett Interiors, added fabric to a medicine cabinet for her clients (picture), and we love the look. 


Lattice is similar in design to chicken wire but is usually constructed of wood. If you have homeowners who prefer completely wooden cabinets, you could suggest this. Lattice also comes in different species, so you can match the cabinet doors. 

Other Door Options

If your clients don’t want wooden cabinets and choose to go the contemporary route, they might opt for doors that are fully aluminum or glass. Element Designs has sleek doors with these materials and also offers customizable inserts. Homeowners can choose from standard glass inserts, back-painted glass inserts, high-gloss PARAPAN inserts, and 3form architectural resin inserts. 

Custom lacquered panels are another alternative to traditional wooden cabinets. Luxe by Alvic  has many designs available in a variety of colors.