5 Ways to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Posted on Monday Sep 25, 2017 at 01:57PM in Tips


No matter what size your kitchen is, you probably wouldn’t mind having more storage space. Thankfully, there are loads of options for using the space you have in creative ways.

  1. Find space on the backs of cabinet doors and beneath cabinets
    Installing a spice rack can help you declutter your counters - and you can tuck it inside your cabinet, on the back of your cabinet door. Another inexpensive option is to install hooks underneath your cabinets for utensil or coffee mug storage.

  2. Increase accessible storage space in cabinets
    Your cabinets could have plenty of space, but they may not be used to their fullest because items in the back are hard to reach. Adding a Lazy Susan or blind corner solutions will allow you to store more items without having to take out everything to get to them.

  3. Use your walls
    Get more from your wall space by adding floating shelves . You can put your prettiest china or pottery on display and free up precious storage space elsewhere.

  4. Make tilt-down drawers
    Add tilt-down drawers below your sink to store sponges or other small cleaning products. This will free up space around your sink and make the area look less cluttered.

  5. Use the sides of your cabinets
    If you have spare decorative knobs or pulls, use them for hanging pots or utensils on the sides of your cabinets or kitchen island.