5 Ways to Hide Small Kitchen Appliances

Posted on Tuesday Dec 19, 2017 at 10:12AM in Tips

5 Ways to Hide Small Kitchen Appliances

You may have more appliances than you’d care to admit, and unless they’re enticing enough to show off, you probably prefer to keep them out of sight when they’re not in use. You can eliminate the unnecessary clutter appliances create with convenience add-ons that can be integrated into your existing cabinetry.

Photo courtesy of Precision Homecrafters & Lovewood Studio

Mixer Lift

Mixer lifts provide storage for your mixer (or any other appliance - you’re not bound to use it for a mixer. We give you permission to use it for your toaster) while also giving you an added workstation when you’re cooking or baking. Mixer lifts are a favorite at HGH Hardware. One of our employees included a lift in her kitchen remodel and hasn’t looked back since. “It was a game changer. Whenever I need the mixer, I just open the cabinet and pull the mixer out - it pops up on its own little workspace.” She recommends the soft-close model.

Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are a tried and true option for blind corners, allowing you to store (and get to) just about anything, including appliances. Rev-A-Shelf   and Omega National Products offer Lazy Susans in a variety of materials (wood, plastic, melamine). You can find one at nearly any price point. Most Lazy Susans have a pole in the middle, which can limit storage, but Vauth-Sagel  has taken the Lazy Susan to a new level with the poleless Recorner Maxx, available in multiple sizes and single and double in both kidney and full round.

Another option is to use an individual Lazy Susan tray that spins in your cabinet. This way, you would be avoiding the pole that connects two shelves together, creating more space for storing larger appliances.


Pull-Out Shelves

Pull-out shelves are great for storing just about anything in the kitchen, including appliances - and giving you easy access. They can be installed in your cabinets or pantry.

Quick tip: Use full-extension or overtravel slides for your pull-out shelves so they’ll come all the way out.

Appliance Garage

Appliance garages give your appliances their own hideaway but still keep them within reach. The type of door you choose for the appliance garage is completely up to you - you can choose a door that swings up or lifts up or a tambour door, which slides up and down. The Aventos HL lift mechanism from Blum is a great option if you want a door that swings up to open (as shown). With the mixer lift and appliance garage, you still have easy access to your appliances. You could even combine the two and put an appliance lift inside an appliance garage.

Blind Corner Storage

Blind corner organizers let you maximize spaces you ordinarily couldn’t get to. You can find different designs of blind corner organizers. Rev-A-Shelf offers “The Cloud” as well as the Above Appliance Wall Cabinet Pull-Out, which is perfect for installing above your refrigerator where it’s hard to reach.

Vauth-Sagel  offers a variety of blind corner organizers that increase storage space, including the Flex Corner Unit, Twin Corner Unit, and Slide Corner Unit. Although they all have similar storage capabilities, they do have some differences. The Flex Corner Unit has the ability to come out completely (both the left and right sides), giving full accessibility to the entire unit. The Twin Corner Unit is similar to “The Cloud” from Rev-A-Shelf where both levels swing out together. The main differing feature of the Slide Corner Unit is that each shelf is pulled out individually.

Do you have creative methods for hiding your small appliances? Share them with us!