• Sas Safety 6128

  • Sas Safety 6128 Earplug; Large, Soft Hypoallergenic Medical-Grade Polymer, Black

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  • Earplug, Large, Ear Shape, Soft Hypoallergenic Medical-Grade Polymer, Black, 24 dB Noise Reduction, Package Contents: Earplug, 12 Pair Per Pack

    HGH Part#: 111118

    The EP6 ear plug features The Hocks Noise Braker® filter. This filter uses the law of physics, incorporating the accelerated resonant decay principle that states energy is neither created nor destroyed but rather converted. The Hocks Noise Braker® filter accomplishes this relationship through compression acceleration. Specifically for hearing protection, the filter reduces dangerous sound levels while maintaining hearing abilities for communication (tactical awareness). The ergonomic design and multi-flanged stem conforms to ear shape for maximum comfort and retention. Made from soft, hypoallergenic and medical-grade polymer.

    • Capable of fitting under hats and helmets
    • Ergonomic design and multi-flanged stem conforms to ear shape for maximum comfort and retention
    • Made from soft, hypoallergenic, medical-grade polymer
    • EP6 are sold in a single left/right set and packaged in a convenient carrying case
    • NRR 24
    • Low profile design allows you to keep them in place while wearing a helmet, hat or on phone
    Item : Earplug
    Size : Large
    Shape : Ear
    Material : Soft Hypoallergenic Medical-Grade Polymer
    Color : Black
    Noise Reduction Rating‎ : 24 dB
    Package Contents : Earplug
    Package Quantity : 12 Pair Per Pack

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