• Fastcap FW-1/2X10

  • FastCap FW-1/2X10 Holey FastWrap; Velcro®, For Cables and Cord/Wire Management

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  • Holey FastWrap, 10 ft. Length, 1/2 Inch Width, Velcro®, For Cables and Cord, Wire Management, Package Contents: Holey FastWrap

    HGH Part#: 70373

    Secure loose wires and cables quickly using Holey FastWrap. Made with durable, indestructible Velcro, FastWrap can be used over and over again. The holes allow you to pass the material through, creating loops to attach to your cables. Works on nearly any cable from USB chargers up to heavy duty extension cords.

    • Hook & loop system
    • 100% Reusable

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